Stony Brook Volunteer Ambulance Corps  


Established in 1970, SBVAC continues to serve the Stony Brook University campus and surrounding community, responding to 911 emergencies twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 


Our Story

The Stony Brook Volunteer Ambulance Corps (SBVAC) is a New York State Certified Ambulance Corporation that primarily serves the SUNY Stony Brook University campus in Long Island. Since its founding in 1970 by a small group of university students, SBVAC has grown into a collegiate EMS agency that provides one of the highest standards of emergency response care in New York State.

1981 Disaster Training SBVAC participated in.

Our Mission Statement

SBVAC shall render emergency medical care to any and all persons within their primary territory requiring such assistance and shall transport such persons to the nearest emergency medical receiving facility as necessary. SBVAC shall provide such services without prejudice of race, heritage, sex, age, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, or status as a military veteran. The Stony Brook Volunteer Ambulance Corps, as a registered organization at Stony Brook University is committed to promoting a safe and vibrant campus community. In receiving annual recognition through the Department of Student Activities, no individual or group affiliated with the Stony Brook Volunteer Ambulance Corps will take any action or create a situation which recklessly or intentionally endangers mental or physical health or involves the forced consumption of liquor or drugs for the purpose of initiation into or affiliation with this organization. The leaders and members of the Stony Brook Volunteer Ambulance Corps also agree to abide by all aspects of the Stony Brook University Student Conduct Code, university policies and Federal, New York State and Local laws.        Patient Care: It is our mission to provide compassionate and excellent emergency pre-hospital patient care to our surrounding community, and to provide this care in a safe and rapid manner.                            Education: It is our mission to maintain high standards of EMS education within the corps. Community Outreach: It is our mission to outreach to the community with the aim of promoting awareness of common health hazards and emergencies. Inter-agency Cooperation: It is our mission to work effectively and professionally with law enforcement agencies, fire and EMS departments.


Community Presence

Teaching local girl scouts basic first aid.

Teaching local girl scouts basic first aid.

Suffolk County EMS honors SBVAC crew who saved a patient in cardiac arrest.

Suffolk County EMS honors SBVAC crew who saved a patient in cardiac arrest.

Teaching hands-only CPR to the community. Partnered with Stony Brook University Hospital.

Teaching hands-only CPR to the community. Partnered with Stony Brook University Hospital.

campus events

SBVAC serves Stony Brook through its response to 9-1-1 medical emergencies but also by covering large university events such as concerts and football games. At these events, an ambulance is nearby in the case someone needs medical attention. SBVAC also sends out roaming crews that walk throughout the arena or stadium, ensuring participants’ safety. If you see us the next time you head to LaValle Stadium to cheer on your fellow Seawolves, stop and say hi!

Teddy bear clinics

SBVAC members give back to the local community through their work in Teddy Bear Clinics and Girl Scout First Aid Trainings. In both of the above, our members bring an ambulance medical supplies to preschools and scout troops to engage them in the first aid response. The children are given the opportunity to “treat” their teddy bears as an EMT would and learn the role of first responders in an emergency. This is an educational venture but we hope to help school aged children know that EMS providers are there to help in emergencies, and shouldn't be feared.

stop the bleed and hands only cpr

In collaboration with the Stony Brook Trauma Center, SBVAC has participated in both the Stop the Bleed and Hands-Only CPR movements. Stop the Bleed is a national campaign aimed at educating bystanders on how to control life-threatening bleeds. After receiving the training themselves, our members have made it a goal to relay the knowledge to campus staff, faculty, student clubs and organizations as well as groups across the county. SBVAC’s mission to train the local community in Hands-Only CPR is centered around teaching laypeople the technique for proper compressions. In the time prior to EMS arrival, the delivery of adequate compressions increases the chance of survival for those in cardiac arrest. SBVAC has trained Stony Brook University faculty, staff, and students at Coffee for Compressions and CommUniversity, two large-scale events during the academic year, and hope to continue these efforts by training individual clubs and organizations on campus. 

Outside agencies

Beyond serving the Stony Brook University campus, SBVAC regularly covers the districts of outside agencies in Suffolk County. When these districts request another agency to standby, SBVAC is glad to assist! These out-of-district standbys are mutually beneficial, as they ensure the requesting district is covered and allows our members to care for a varied patient population.


Get Involved

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