How To Apply

Instructions for Application Process:

1. Download the Fall 2017 application and fill it out completely.
Fall 2017 Application – word doc

2. Email your resume and typed application to with the subject “Your Name”. Letters of recommendation are considered, but not required. Resumes and applications must be received by September 8th at 23:59 to be considered; no exceptions will be made.

3. Attend an information session.

4. Bring a copy of your typed application, resume, and weekly schedule with you to your interview.

- Applications are due Friday, September 8th at 23:59 -

*Please note: You must submit a formal application via email to be considered for an interview, and you must bring a copy of that application to your interview as well. Please bring a copy of your weekly schedule as well – this will be used to potentially schedule a second round interview. Failure to comply with the application process will disqualify you from a first or second round interview.

If you have any questions regarding the application or interview processes, please email Good luck!