Some Commonly Asked Questions…

Q: So do I need to be an EMT or have a driver’s license to join?

A: While other EMS agencies may have these requirements, SBVAC does not require ANY prior experience with EMS or health care of its applicants. In fact, the majority of probationary members in SBVAC are people who have have not even set foot in an ambulance before. SBVAC has its own EMS education curriculum (called probie class), where the probationary members are taught a comprehensive overview of EMS skills and knowledge over the course of a semester. You can learn more about probie class and SBVAC’s approach to EMS education here. SBVAC also trains its own EVOs (Emergency Vehicle Operators) for those who already hold a driver’s license.

Q: Is it true that I have to dedicate a lot of time to the agency if I get accepted?

A: Yes, it is true that there is a significant time commitment involved in SBVAC (especially for probationary members). Every member in SBVAC is required to do a weekly shift, as well as some other mandatory commitments. In addition to these basic requirements, probationary members are required to attend “probie class” every Sunday. Many members dedicate even more time than is required to the company, such as attending driver/crew chief trainings or standbys for other agencies. However, the bottom line is that you can control how much time you put into SBVAC. The more time you put in to the company, the greater the reward.

Q: I’m not a student at Stony Brook University, am I still eligible for membership?

A: Yes. Most of our members are students, but application for SBVAC is open to anyone.

Q: Do I have to be 18 years of age or above to join?

A: No. The minimum age to join is 17 years of age with proof of parental permission.

Q: So, is SBVAC just doing shifts on the ambulance?

A: Yes…and no. SBVAC’s #1 uncompromising priority is patient care and advocacy. Apart from that, accepted members will find that their fellow SBVACians are in general a fun and very friendly bunch of people. Accepted members should prepare themselves for participation in fun, long-standing company traditions (such as our annual Thanksgiving Dinner) that are too top secret to mention on this website. Oops.