These are the current officers of SBVAC. We can be contacted individually by the emails provided or you can email all of us by using “”.

Executive Branch

Ashley Johnson
The president oversees the executive branch and presides over all company meetings. The president also manages all public relations for SBVAC internally and externally.

Nina Alcasid
Vice President
The Vice President is responsible for the daily administration of SBVAC. The Vice President is also responsible for the maintenance of headquarters and human resources of the agency.

Bryan Musmacker
The Treasurer handles all financial transactions including documents, expenditures, and managements of funds.

Elizabeth Vargas
The secretary is responsible for all correspondence, meeting minutes, maintenance of confidential patient records, and emergency call statistics.

Operational Branch

Andrew Willis
Chief of Operations
The Chief is ultimately in charge of all daily and special operations of SBVAC.

Michael Topchishvili
1st Assistant Chief
The 1st Assistant Chief is responsible for the training and testing of potential Crew Chiefs (CCs), as well as the overall level of training within the agency.

Andrew Pellicano
2nd Assistant Chief
The 2nd Assistant Chief is responsible for all vehicles belonging to SBVAC, as well as ensuring the safety of the membership.

Lily Yuan
The Captain is responsible for coordinating training classes for probationary members, administering attendant check-offs, and continued training of members.

Anas Maqsood
The Equipment Officer is responsible for all equipment belonging to SBVAC, ensuring that all equipment meets local, state, and federal guidelines.