Over the many years that SBVAC has served as SUNY @ Stony Brook’s primary 911 provider, the corps has accumulated many awards and honors conferred to them on the county, state, and even national level. Some of them come from the surrounding communities and organizations in appreciation of the volunteer services we provide, and others are given in recognition of our dedication to our patients. The agency has been given awards by the Suffolk County Legislature, the Town of Brookhaven (which Stony Brook is a part of), as well as the Stony Brook campus itself. SBVAC is also recognized by the collegiate EMS community. The National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation (NCEMSF) awarded the company with its 2001 “Striving for Excellence” Award at their annual conference. At the same conference, a delegation of SBVAC representatives brought home the NCEMSF 2001 skills competition 1st place trophy. In 2002, the agency was the recipient of the theSuffolk County EMS Agency of the Year award. SBVAC was later chosen by the New York State Department of Health’s Bureau of Emergency Services as the 2003 New York State EMS Agency of the Year, the greatest state honor for an New York State Emergency Medical Services agency to recieve. We recently placed first in the 2011 NCEMSF ALS Skills Competition.

News Clippings

Newsday, Dec 14, 2002

The Stony Brook Volunteer Ambulance Corps was the big winner in this year’s county and state awards. On Oct. 29, the Suffolk Regional Emergency Medical Services Council named Stony Brook its Agency of the Year, and Dr. Melina LoGuidice, a doctor who volunteers for the ambulance corps, as a Physician of Excellence. Ann Teng, the company chief, accepted the Agency of the Year award for Stony Brook. In addition to the county awards, Stony Brook Volunteer Ambulance Company received the New York State EMS Council’s Agency of the Year award. Craig Stadelman from the Copiague Fire Department received the state’s award for EMS Educator of Excellence. Also honored this year was the Huntington Community First Aid Squad, which picked up three awards – Ferd Neumann for Basic Life Support Provider, Margaret Cornelius for EMS Communication Specialist and Robert Scarabino for EMS Leadership. Other winners included Tim Ryan from Lakeland Fire Department, for Advanced Life Support Provider; Anna Marie Klug, Patchogue Ambulance Company, Registered Professional Nurse of Excellence; James Jackson, North Shore EMS, EMS Leadership Award of Distinction.

EMS Magazine, November 2003

Stony Brook Wins Best Agency in New York State

Every year, the New York State Department of Health’s Bureau of Emergency Services votes on which EMS agency in New York State has provided the greatest service to its community, the finest example of leadership and what defines the best ambulance corps in the state of New York. This year, the award for “EMS Agency of the Year” went to Stony Brook Volunteer Ambulance Corps (SBVAC), an agency comprised mostly of university students that serves the Stony Brook University campus. Being a collegiate agency can be difficult. While most agencies boast of decades of experience and a substantial budget to purchase new and sophisticated equipment, SBVAC has limited funding and loses approximately one-quarter of its membership every year as people graduate and move on. It is often difficult for a collegiate agency to gain respect of the neighboring corps where they work. SBVAC has turned these challenges to strengths by achieving accomplishments that would be impressive to any agency. SBVAC has a site for countywide continuing medical education to ensure that everyone who runs calls has been tested for the highest standards of care. SBVAC also has advanced life support capabilities and offers valuable training to the community through its CPR and First Aid courses. SBVAC was awarded “Suffolk County’s Agency of the Year” on Oct. 29 in Suffolk County, New York. For more information on EMS in Stony Brook, call 631/632-6737

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Stony Brook Statesman, 2003

SBVAC Recieves High Honors From New York State

Earlier this year, the Stony Brook Volunteer Ambulance Corps, was named the 2002 Suffolk County Emergency Medical Services Agency of the Year as determined by the Regional Emergency Services Council of Suffolk County. Now, the organization has received yet another, more pronounced honor. They have been named the New York State Emergency Medical Services Agency of the Year. Ann Teng, Chief of Operations for SBVAC, stressed the importance of the recognition, citing the ambulance corps as the first collegiate agency to receive this kind of honor. “Hopefully we will inspire other college level agencies to strive for the type of excellence [Stony Brook’s] agency has achieved,” she said. Teng also stated that being in the ambulance corps was definitely a beneficial experience. “Being able to help people all the time is not something that everyone can do,” Teng said. She emphasizes that while serving the community through the ambulance corps, students end up helping themselves as well. Along with the satisfaction of aiding people, students involved in the ambulance corps make many friends as they serve their three-hour shifts every week, she explained. Through its mission statement, SBVAC describes its goals in the community: “To provide Rescue and Emergency Services to our Community. To provide these services in a rapid, safe manner. To enter into a partnership with the community to reduce the potential of accidents and injuries. To educate the community about what constitutes an emergency.” When a 9-1-1 call is put out for a situation requiring Emergency Medical Services, the campus police transfer the call to the Suffolk ambulance corps dispatch system. “In-house crews” from SBVAC headquarters will respond to these calls while classes are in session. During intersession and other vacations, the organization runs on an on-call basis and ambulances respond to calls from locations other than SBVAC headquarters. This way, SBVAC services are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, SBVAC offers “stand-by” ambulances for all Stony Brook sports and other major events. The organization provides both Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support ambulances and serves the Stony Brook Campus as well as local areas in Suffolk County when they are needed. Leo DeBobes, Chief of Setauket Fire Department and 10-year advisor to SBVAC said that he was proud of the agency. “The corps has grown and matured at an incredible rate, to the point that it’s looked up to as a model on Long Island,” DeBobes said. “The competition is really very keen. When you compare them against other agencies, you find that SBVAC has the constraint of a larger attrition rate. Twenty five percent graduate every year, while other corps have life long members. Here, you’ve got a much greater burden of training, recruiting and getting people prepared.I think this recognition makes it clear that this is one of the premier EMS agencies on Long Island.”